The SmartWand-DTX is Detection You Can Count On! This compact and portable system is the only RFID-detection solution capable of positively identifying and locating retained and missing sponges and verifying counts, while leveraging an extendible technology platform. SmartWand-DTX is the only detection system capable of verifying manual sponge counts.

SmartWand-DTX is a more affordable option that leverages the ClearCount Platform, the only platform allowing hospitals to configure their O.R.s depending on specific needs, while enabling future upgrades. ClearCount’s innovative, industry-leading Never Event Warranty, backed by a $2M insurance policy and offered with all ClearCount products at no additional cost, demonstrates commitment to making retained sponges a true Never Event.

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SmartWand-DTX Benefits

  • Offers the most complete detection solution, at a low cost
  • Can count – identifies sponge types and quantities for count verification
  • Leverages a platform that grows with you
  • Is fully reusable – generating less waste
  • Is compact and portable
  • Validates read depth
  • Provides accurate detection, while avoiding false positive alarms
  • Provides economic value: pays for itself over time and is backed by a $2M Never Event Warranty

Better than other detection systems that can’t discern when more than one detection is taking place and /or which type of sponge is being detected, SmartWand-DTX detects sponges that are uniquely identified by their embedded chip. Providing positive ID and location, SmartWand-DTX validates read range, avoids false positives and offers a feature-rich SmartWand.

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