SmartSponge System

The SmartSponge System is a closed-loop sponge count reconciliation and detection solution providing the height of control, including electronic record creation and a dedicated SmartBucket. The SmartSponge System is the first and only system to build the highest level of accuracy into both the counting and detection of surgical sponges.

Retained sponges are the most frequent and dangerous RSI, a Never Event resulting in non-payment to hospitals and significant risk to patients. ClearCount’s innovative, industry-leading Never Event Warranty, backed by a $2M policy and offered with all ClearCount products, demonstrates commitment to making retained sponges a true Never Event.

Watch How the System Works

System Benefits

  • Enables both sponge counting and sponge detection
  • Provides a continuous count – an average of 80,000 counts per procedure
  • Requires no line of sight for RFID tags to be read
  • Ensures that all tagged sponges are functioning properly before use
  • Provides a continuous “In/Out” view of reconciliation on intuitive graphical interface
  • Minimizes biohazard exposure, due to reduced handling of soiled sponges
  • Cannot count the same sponge twice — unique IDs of sponges
  • Ensures, through SmartTag, that SmartWand is within range and ready for patient scan
  • Is non-intrusive: RFID tags are smaller than a dime and do not contain a battery
  • Provides economic value: pays for itself over time and is backed by a $2M Never Event Warranty

Popular Science recognized ClearCount’s technology as one of the top 100 innovations of 2009, it was a finalist in the International Design Excellence Awards 2008 competition sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), and has been featured in both TIME and WIRED Magazines.

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